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Who are  Student Storage ServiceS ?  

Student Storages Services specializes in student storage. We understand that for students time is very important and have many costs to consider in your academic lives, ranging from tuition fees to accommodation.

Our role is simple, to make life easier for students and cost effective, so this is one thing you don't need to worry about.

Student Storage Services is one of the UKs leading storage operators, we provide great prices for our students, but also offer clean and dry secure units, collection and delivery service, packing supplies, door to door survice, but importantly a great service and much much more!

How to place an order ?

It's very simple.

1) Work out how long you need to store your belongings and what box package deal option needed (suitcases can also be used in substitute of boxes) however at your own risk, fill in the booking form and submit. Within 24-48 hours a member of staff will be in contact with you. If you are having trouble with this process please call our Student Storage ServiceS hotline  - 07596321126 or email us on with your enquiry and we can book a convenient time to return your call.

2) Payments will be  made over the phone or using PayPal, normally PayPal is easier, safer, quicker and more convenient  to confirm your booking. If not using PayPal once you have  emailed us stating how long you would like to store your belongings, this will automatacially generate a unique reference code for you, please do keep this safe.  A member of staff at Student Storage ServiceS will call you stating this unique code over the phone before any card details will be taken from you. Furthermore, this unique code will be emailed to you in reply to your email confirming your order. (Only release your card details if the unique code matches the emailed code and with your personal details)

Student Storage ServiceS will not take any responsibility in fraudulent claim you suffer which results in you not following the  correct procedures. Once an order has been placed it confirms you have read the our terms and conditions and understand our procudures.  For more information please dont hesitate to contact us.

3) Quick meeting with us at a designated location at the time and date agreed, fill in the paperwork and provide the relevant documents.

4) Your goods will be labelled and taken to a safe and secure holding, where it will be stored till your return. 

5) Your goods will be released and delievered safe and sound on the agreed date and location at the time of initial contract.Any changes may occur additional charges. Please note we only release your goods back to you, any changes must be agreed at the time of initial collection. 

How can you offer such low prices?  

Our aim is to provide low prices for our student as we understand that students have many costs to consider in your academic lives, ranging from tuition fees to accommodation, we thrive in helping our students. Student Storage ServiceS is a small company and as our depot are just out of main central london in return we can offer  low prices to our students.

How much do you charge for your delivery and collection service?

We Collect and Deliver for FREE  (special promotion for storage over 2months). If only storing your goods for a month, charges will apply for collection and delivery, the charges will depend on the location. Please call us for any further information.

How to pay for storage & boxes?

Simply follow the 3 steps on our website or contact us and we will guide you through the steps. Contact us via our hotline -07596321126 or fill in the booking form in the contact us tab.  

How much does it cost? 

It depends on the amount of storage you have and the length of time you want to store for. We have 5 options

Option 1 - 1 Month Storage (£70pm)
(Only ~ £2.30 per day)

Option 2 - 2 Month Storage (£60pm)
(Only ~ £2 per day)

Option 3 - 3 Month Storage (£55pm)
(Only ~ £1.83 per day)

Option 4 - 4 month Storage (£50pm)
(Only ~ £1.66 per day)

Option 5 - 5 Month Storage (£45pm)
(Only ~ £1.50 per day)

Longer period of storage can be arranged by calling the Student Storage ServiceS hotline - 07596321126 or by email -
 It is important to note that all storage options are based on prepaid monthly charges and no refund will be given for period not in use.  It may be possible to rent on a weekly basis, however this is subject on availability and demand. Furthermore, once orders have been processed no refunds will be given. For more information please contact us.

Are you really the cheapest?

YES. Cheapest storage for students in London - guaranteed! Furthermore, we will beat any genuine price subject to availability of storage space and demand. 

How much can we store?

This depends on which box package option you have chosen.

Approximately looking around 7 to maybe 8 items (~10sqft). Please note: you must protect delicate items with relevant protective measures (bubble wrap etc.) For more infomation please don't hesitate to contact us.

Is there any incentive if I introduce a friend?
YES. At Student Storage Services we thank and reward customers whom reccomend us. In return we offer a £10 discount off your storage. If however you have already paid we will send you a cheque in the post.
Is there a minimal rental period?
Yes! 1 month is the minimum rental term. However it may be possible to store less than this if space is available. 

Security is very important to Student Storage ServiceS. We have  24 hour CCTV and manned during the day.


Student Storage ServiceS provide FREE insurance against fire and flood damage up to the value of £300. If the value of your goods are higher than this amount, a further insurance policy can be provided.

What ID do I need?
This depends on if your a student or acedemic staff. All students at time of completing the contract must provide 2 forms of ID. 1) Valid University ID and 2) Your passport. If you are a staff member at a school, college or univeristy please provide 1) Work ID, 2) Passport and 3) Current address ID (this could be a recent bank statement or a utility bill) 

What happens if i cant make the dates agreed?

We will rearrange the date, time and place in which both parties agree. However it is important to note if the agreed date or time can't be met for any reason please let us know 48 hours before collection or delivery. Failure to meet these requirements without notice will result in a penalty of £25.

How long can I stay?

You can store for as long as you like. Depending on the length of storage needed, you will receive a 5% discount even on our ever so low price!

When can I move?

Anytime! Let us know and we will make the arrangements 

Where and how are boxes or merchandise delivered?

Spend over £25 and the items will be delivered to your home address. However if you spend less, then arrangements will be made to bring them to your college or university. The boxes may be delivered by our drivers or via recorded delivery.

Where is your head office? 

Student Storage ServiceS
Havelock Road


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